The Beginning & The End

25 big and medium format photographies plus 2 videos with another 25 additional images each, is the way through which the artist tells the story of an orphanage and oldage home in Oaxaca. 

Comprised by two very contrasting series that mingle, this exhibition explores the life, routines and emotions of the human being at the begining and the end of life journey.  
The Begining & The End is a documentary project, in which the photography aims to be a tool to tell stories in a realistic and faithful manner, considering what Alejandra López-Zaballa experienced while she stayed at these two centres during 15 days in February 2015.  The exhibit invites the espectator to  reflect and think deeper about these 2 Worlds, allowing to break tabus or predetermined ideas. Raise awareness and increase sensitivity towards those who begin and end, in theory alone.   

This is a social Project and 20%-25% of the net benefits are being donated either to the orphanage or the oldage home.